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Welcome to O’Learys

O’Learys was founded in 1988, with inspiration from the energetic and pulsing 1980s American sports bar scene and the culturally blended city of Boston. We’re passionate about delivering the best and most exciting social eatertainment experience in town, making every day a game day. We welcome families, groups of friends, colleagues from work all gathering to watch the big match, play games, enjoy the energetic vibe and eat great American food in our warm and welcoming Boston atmosphere.

Our menu is inspired by the Game Day food of the USA offering a selection of popular dishes and familiar flavors tailored to a wide audience. We offer everything from tasty burgers and nachos to BBQ ribs and classic chicken wings. Additionally, we provide a range of fresher, lighter options along with vegetarian alternatives, serving to a variety of tastes and preferences.

Beyond food and drinks, we offer a diverse range of activities including bowling, billiards, shuffleboard, ping pong, and karaoke. Some venues also host live music and engaging quizzes. With a dedicated focus on sports enthusiasts, we provide an exceptional sport viewing experience with live broadcasts every day of the week. At O’Learys the guests can easily keep themselves entertained and spend an entire evening without even noticing it.

We see great potential in the Eatertainment concept because unlike a typical restaurant visit, which lasts about 1 hour and 45 minutes, Eatertainment is a whole different experience. It’s all about enjoying sports, activities, and delicious food and drinks – all under the same roof and keeping guests entertained for 2.5 to 3 hours!

Since the start, O’Learys has expanded with more than 100 venues in 13 different countries, and with sites ranging from 200 m2 to over 7000 m2. We are very proud of our strong partnerships with our franchisees, suppliers and team members which have contributed to our success for 35 years.

4 sep 2023

O'Learys Trademark AB

Bedrijfsnaam: O'Learys Trademark AB
Formulenaam: O'Learys
Bezoekadres: Ynglingagatan 6, SE-113 47 Stockholm, Sweden
Website: https://olearys.nl
E-mailadres: carl.gustafsson@socialeatertainmentgroup.com
Naam: O'Learys
Franchise Entree: € 300.000,-
Franchise Fee: 5%
Franchise Reclame: n.v.t.
Eigen Middelen: € 500.000,-
Royalty: n.v.t.
Gemiddelde Investering: € 500.000,-