EFF webinar How Governments can help the Franchise Industry in 2021

Op 5 februari organiseert de Europese Franchise Federatie een webinar over:

How Governments can help the Franchise Industry in 2021

The format will be an open discussion, following a short presentation from me about where we stand in 2021, what other industries are saying to governments at a European level on the type of help and support they need, and what are some areas that we could consider. The aim of the discussion is to have enough material to draft a set of key messages setting out what recommendations we have to ensure the franchise industry comes out of 2021 in a stronger position.


11AM                    Welcome to the First Friday Webinar series (Alisdair Gray – managing director EFF)

Presentation on the Covid situation from an EU standpoint (where we stand, what other industries are calling for, what we might consider)

11.15AM              Roundtable discussion

11.45AM              Summing up and next steps

12PM                    Close

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05 Feb 2021